Friday, 15 April 2011


"Ziggy, Il s'appele Ziggy, Je suis folle de lui."

I kept listening to that song.
The song was sung by Celine Dion my favorite singer ever.
I love it because it was in French.

"Mais moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute"

I love him, but it's not my fault.

Back to love. Another years to figure out.

"Ziggy, Il s'appele Ziggy, Je suis folle de lui"

"De parler a quelqu'un"

I'm done. Playing games. Now, tell me Ziggy. What do you got for me?

One day I just want to have a perfect family, perfect life, perfect house, perfect dress, perfect makeup, just simple as perfect (?).

"c'est pas d'ma faute"

It's not my fault.

Past is the past. present is the present. Future is the future.

Hopefully now (present) will bring lovely suprises in the future when i open my "present"