Monday, 28 December 2009

confused dazed and a heart attack

today i have an extra mix feelings of not wanting to be hurt but starting to feel the start of that well becoming love.well i dont wanna call it love yet but i think my heart just stop beating at the end of that date and i cant breathe normally as something just happen u know when u got butterflies on your stomach but this is a feeling under your chest.i cant say wether it's good or not but it doesnt hurt though. i hope something good will happen from here.^^ <3<3<3
take me to paris one day and i'll have a more perfect date <3

Sunday, 27 December 2009

i heart my new soprano saxophone

finally my deary has arrived. thanks to mum,dad n mr.leo who make all this happened. <3<3<3


Saturday, 5 December 2009

costume party! DC :PROFESSION

our architecture campus nite! :) <3
me myself dress up as a starbucks barista and d others well..: teacher,hooker,haha, japanese school boy, pilot,security guard,ballet dancer,geisha,fisher, pantomim,nanny,doctor,police,nurse,fortuneteller,chef,waiter,builder etc.NICE PARTY BTW! <3

Saturday, 28 November 2009

thanks for stopping by

i just found out that
things will never be the same if u never came into my life.
thanks for stopping by to my life
if u never there, maybe these feelings will never appear.

it's not the ups n downs in our relationship that matters.
it's about the ups n downs after our relationship was over.
the struggle i did for myself.
and the final realization of what i had become after a moment.

this thing was always meant to happened.
it was meant to be.
it's u that God has sent to me.
so that one day which is today i will feel blessed finding out about my life.
I have come to realize that meeting u was part of his plan.
n i feel blessed because of it.

so there we go.
Figuring what might happen to our life next.
and for now, this phase of life has brought me to another level.
Another level that i never imagine before.
And there's you that no longer here but I'm here because you were here once.

thanks for everyday after that had made us stronger and wiser.
I do pray for our well being. and may God send another angel that will protect us forever for our next life until our phase come to its end.

sincerely yours,

anyway.i made a song after writing this but it's still in progress :P and i think i'm shy so sometimes i slipped saying some words in d video.sorry =P hihi

anybody got an idea to help me finish the song?

btw this is my myspace :

Friday, 13 November 2009

preparing for costume party!

so i got this costume party at campus and the theme is "profession"

hm.i wonder what to wear.

so i have my friends saski and nita to help me find the perfect clothes to match to my ideas
but we ended up having fun putting on clothes makeup and stuff haha

thx girls!

about the costume that i'll wear im just gonna post it later coz the event is tomorrow. its still a secret.haha
c u tomorrow after d party
cherios guys!



HAVING FUN With clothes n stuff :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

no love for today

I stopped caring what it is
You can mean more than what I have loved it
what's the use of your love if it did not take me flying high, continue to dream and to reach it
I need a man who force me when I stopped running,
I need a man who sang me lullaby me so I can keep dreaming,
then I wake up to try to concuer and calculate my dreams into realization
I need men who want to buy the world with me,
who never got bored of my silly jokes,
who wiped my face after our prayer,
who didnt pray for me behind me,who completed my sentences, rather than cut his or oversimplifying,
correct my mental disorder, rather than finding a doctor, took my hand on a winding road, not only trying to straighten my way
if you're just men who receive me for what it is, what are you?, with or even without you there is no difference anyway, I still like this ..
I stopped caring what it is ..
I need you more than that,
more than just a complement
I need you to help me past my limits,
hear what my deafening,
helped me see what my blind,
helped me achieve what my hand was up
pursue what my legs could not pursue ..
feel what my heart was sensitive to ..
I need you more than just a boy who loves what he is ..

Monday, 26 October 2009

dressing up n have fun taking pictures!

what a girl to do on their 20s? well.. we still can have fun like a junior high school student. dressing up n have fun!

DO TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE! :) just put on some music while dressing up n taking pictures! cherios girls! :)

WARNING! it can be really fun!

Monday, 12 October 2009

me and my pet (for the love my mom has taught me)

I finished watching "Me and Marley", and it makes me remember about my pet. It was a hamster but this story is not about him. His name is Wilsky (a grey very cute hamster as a pet). We wanted a bride for Wilsky so we bought a hamster and it turns out that Wilma (at first we named her that) is a male. So we bought another female hamster and we named her Wila (Wil Gila; gila in english means crazy) because she always make this weird sound though we thought hamster do not make any sound.
After a while,Wila married Wilsky and then they built this hamster, Wil's dynasty we call it, because the last time we count, we ended up having 165 hamsters. That's crazy and we try to name them with the "Wil" syllable, although we name the first descent with Archie,Betty,Veronica,Jug head and Reggie (taken from the comic book Archie digest,my mom's favorite).It was fun having them around,I get to learn to love them.
After a while, I think when I was in early middle school, that is the first time ever we lost a pet. To me,she's not a pet. Wila has to pass away. She always have her organ on her stomach hanging out, we took her to the doctor, have her organs put back and then it comes out again and again. Our doctor told my mom that if we want Wila to go back to normal, she got to have a surgery but the doctor don't have the tools so she suggested another doctor. When my mom calls the other doctor, the doctor ask, what kind of animal do you want to have this surgery on, my mom replied,"a hamster" and the doctor said," What? hamster? a lil rat???". Well,finally she bring wila to that doctor and the doctor said that he don't have the tools, besides,"It's just some hamster, it will die eventually, why don't you just let her die and just buy another one,it's not expensive though". My mom got mad and said to the doctor,"Doctor, she is not just some little rat like you've said, she is my children's pet and they love them, I don't want them to think it's just a thing after they have their love given to this "what you call little rat". The doctor was quite suprised,he didn't think that someone will take a hamster seriously. And so my mom ask for second opinion, and there, Wila was given a "sleep forever". Before my mom ask us and told us to say our goodbyes. It was really hard for me and my brother but than, yes, we saw Wila back from the doctor (I wasn't there when she was given the "sleep forever" shot).
We made a ceremony and burried her on our front yard, there was me on the middle carrying Wila in her cage and my neighbor,Fanie,and Jeremy holding lettuce and my maid holding also lettuce lots of them!,Wila's favorite. We sang "Indonesia Raya" and other songs, because I thought when I was little it was a ceremonial song,but i don't remember singing it all. Well, goodbye Wila. One thing I know for sure is that what my mom taught me about loving, even when somebody thought it was only a little rat.thanks mom, I love you more.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

bandung culinary e.1

Today my family is having a tour with their neighbour to Bandung (west Java,Indonesia,Asia). Actually I was studying architecture in the city but I haven't explore the culinary in Bandung. My family came here by bus and we decided to meet at this Bakery called "Primarasa". In front of the bakery there's this mobile car which sells Siomay. Siomay is made of fish and ussualy it comes with potato, tofu and cabbage. Well, if you never been here before, or maybe you are living in Bandung but never taste it. You can try to get a different way of eating these siomay. love it! =)

Saturday, 10 October 2009


I really love that quote and this is my blog, it's not about fashion, not about architecture only, but it would contain those things that brings colour to my life. for i know, i love music, shoes, ice cream, travelling,culinary and stuff. c u on my next post! =)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

1..2..3 GO!

just another ordinary day

i had myself killed in boredom and thinking everything which is nothing

so much to do but it feels B O R I N G

gosh. i still don't know what i want to write to this blog. =P


waiting for d idea to come =)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

haha,what am i doing? i definitely have no idea about it

blogging? what a girl to do..i don't know what I'm gonna write in this blog but just let the time answer it. so. yup. welcome to the blogging life of a desperate yet happy go with d flow kind of girl.

au revoir!