Monday, 12 October 2009

me and my pet (for the love my mom has taught me)

I finished watching "Me and Marley", and it makes me remember about my pet. It was a hamster but this story is not about him. His name is Wilsky (a grey very cute hamster as a pet). We wanted a bride for Wilsky so we bought a hamster and it turns out that Wilma (at first we named her that) is a male. So we bought another female hamster and we named her Wila (Wil Gila; gila in english means crazy) because she always make this weird sound though we thought hamster do not make any sound.
After a while,Wila married Wilsky and then they built this hamster, Wil's dynasty we call it, because the last time we count, we ended up having 165 hamsters. That's crazy and we try to name them with the "Wil" syllable, although we name the first descent with Archie,Betty,Veronica,Jug head and Reggie (taken from the comic book Archie digest,my mom's favorite).It was fun having them around,I get to learn to love them.
After a while, I think when I was in early middle school, that is the first time ever we lost a pet. To me,she's not a pet. Wila has to pass away. She always have her organ on her stomach hanging out, we took her to the doctor, have her organs put back and then it comes out again and again. Our doctor told my mom that if we want Wila to go back to normal, she got to have a surgery but the doctor don't have the tools so she suggested another doctor. When my mom calls the other doctor, the doctor ask, what kind of animal do you want to have this surgery on, my mom replied,"a hamster" and the doctor said," What? hamster? a lil rat???". Well,finally she bring wila to that doctor and the doctor said that he don't have the tools, besides,"It's just some hamster, it will die eventually, why don't you just let her die and just buy another one,it's not expensive though". My mom got mad and said to the doctor,"Doctor, she is not just some little rat like you've said, she is my children's pet and they love them, I don't want them to think it's just a thing after they have their love given to this "what you call little rat". The doctor was quite suprised,he didn't think that someone will take a hamster seriously. And so my mom ask for second opinion, and there, Wila was given a "sleep forever". Before my mom ask us and told us to say our goodbyes. It was really hard for me and my brother but than, yes, we saw Wila back from the doctor (I wasn't there when she was given the "sleep forever" shot).
We made a ceremony and burried her on our front yard, there was me on the middle carrying Wila in her cage and my neighbor,Fanie,and Jeremy holding lettuce and my maid holding also lettuce lots of them!,Wila's favorite. We sang "Indonesia Raya" and other songs, because I thought when I was little it was a ceremonial song,but i don't remember singing it all. Well, goodbye Wila. One thing I know for sure is that what my mom taught me about loving, even when somebody thought it was only a little rat.thanks mom, I love you more.


  1. im pretty sure wila would be so happy if she could read this blog, especially if she could hear the national anthem being sung for her memorial service. hehe rest in peace lil hamster!

  2. thank u leo..i really appreciate it! <3