Monday, 28 June 2010


Yesterday I was going to write about my random day but then i fell asleep. LOL
So I decided to write it down today.

The day was started with me going from my home town to my college city (LOL) to go to work. My friend Saski pick me up in and then we got sushi for lunch. She accompany me to the office and there's nothing to do. All off my co-workers are going home while me saski planned to go and watch dvd or going to a salon. Damn! we are so out of clue, what to do next. And there it is, a message that made our day more random, a text message asking me to join a fashion show. It was from my friend Metia who is a young fashion desainer from my University.

I ask, "Sas, do u want to do a fashion show?". And she replied,"What?". But then after several random talks. "Since" we got nothing else to do, we decided to go and just do that fashion show. Anyway I'm always in love with their masterpiece (the designers from my University).

There we are, still confused. Listening to the mentor and meeting other models.The next thing we know we already covered by makeup (the makeup artist was super awesome!), I don't have any heels so I wore metia's and guest what: part of the shoes fell off while I was walking on the catwalk".

The catwalk itself was having this keroncong music as a backsound for the fashion show. DAMN! what a super honey random day.

ow! n PS: I bought this lovely cool wedges from one of the designers there. :P I can't help it. so it became my second shoes that I bought for this week. hh....I better stop this addictive thing. LOL. cheers!

photo courtesy : alamanda arsidia wulandari
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