Monday, 6 June 2011

post graduate syndrome

Just finish my school. So long architecture school.
Don't know what to do. So....
Lets make a random list of what to do. random thoughts!try writing down just any thoughts that passed by

1. I want to let my hair grow and learn how to make braid. might need 'em someday
2. I want to have my shoes project and create them with my touch of style
3. Can I go somewhere far for holiday mom? :D
4. I wanna go to Bali
5. I want to clean up my room (I guess I really need this one to be done A S A P)
6. I don't wanna be an architect. not just yet.
7. Play saxophone? maybe
8. Enough with boys its girls time :P
9. Don't go clubbing
10. Work out!
11. Diet!
12. Eat lots of cotton candy and gummy bears please
13. Fashion trip somewhere
14. Sleep tight
15. Watch tons of dvds
16. Hangout with besties
17. Start your business
18. Dress up!
19. Go to superb concert
20. Might go back and play music
21. Hand crafting
22. OMG i love nagasari(Indonesian cake)
23. Organize computer files!

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