Saturday, 13 February 2010

lights of the heart

As in the sky to me your are death
Leaves me nothing but regret
The death of love throw us apart
In silence phantom play his part
A lovely candle by the shape of heart
Which ones had never lit again
Just shine after a new romance
That never was interrupted in the phase of life

Thou shall not back from the years apart
No better coming from any perspective of life now
You shall die dear the light of the heart
No more room left inside but only sorrow
And up for the, I let the lights go down

As we walk , our second life
Will be full of remembrance and sweetness
And when the sun rise, there’s no need to look back at the winter that’s left behind
Cause somehow the spring has open its chance
No more sorrow ,no secret
But a life without any regret

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