Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

It comes to the mind that
When u love someone you want to give the world that person you love

But when we lost our track of the idea of ourselves
What are we?
Who am I?

When you drowned into a wrong perspective of mind
That wrong mind set might lead you to something that is not good for yourself
You think that sacrifice is something that is had to be done in love
But what kind of sacrifice is it?

It occurs to me that
In life, to have a great love
We have to give out the most of ourself
For the love of our lover or the love for us itself as an individual

The more you love doing what you do and who you are
Then you are ready to share that love to that person you love the most
I once got in love with that person I love the most
But I forgot to love myself or maybe I'm to in love with myself
Never to have those kind of feelings

You want to be better, to give him/her the better life or love
You want to be more passionate, to give love more passion and also to be passionate about our life and lover's life
I want to be good at everything, I want to be the best, So that my children will have the best life no one can imagine about
I feel good about myself so no one can let me down

I want to go on now,I want to concuer the world !
Because I want to show the world to my lover and my children and some stranger that might have a better life because of me
I want to help others because I want my lover and children and other people to do the same and share the love to the people in the world

Will I do it? YES.

What I want?
I want to share more love love love
Because I love you and I love the people that will come in our life ..


  1. wonderful...what u wrote...its so good to hear that you are so much in love...that kind of feeling everyone craves to have forever...a feeling that will never ever change...

  2. yup,thank you :) actually i already have this blog since i can remember but i don't know what to write in it.So the posting "fashion is architecture,it's a matter of proportion" is the first one when i decided to start blogging. i do love ur blog mmc, keep on updating all things about places because i really love to travel, and i also love reading people's opinion or just some random thoughts :)

  3. hey 如此的, haha thanks to google translate i could understand what ur saying. thank u for ur nice comment, i'll try to keep posting some nice stuff :) hehe

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